Why Embedded Silverlight Makes Sense

So Microsoft just shipped Silverlight 3.0. Outstanding achievement in its own right for a company that takes multi-year cycles for pretty much every product, if you ask me.

Silverlight is indeed a very cool technology. With the latest additions and especially the HD media capabilities, it’s already ahead of the crowd that it started “emulating”. I want to see Silverlight further expanded in the following two scenarios:

  1. Replacement for Media Center XML language: who wants to learn yet another UI markup language? Deprecate it, move to Silverlight-only.
  2. Embedded chipset with built-in support for an “Silverlight Embedded” profile

Replacement for Media Center

Currently, Media Center uses its own markup language and lacks tooling support that Silverlight/WPF enjoy (Blend/VisualStudio). It’s time to let it die and embrace Silverlight markup, even if that requires creating a “Silverlight Media Center” profile with a subset that must be supported by extenders....

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