Lawyers and gambling

I wonder if there are lawyers who specialise in gambling?

Apparently those two words can get PPC bids of £10 a click - bizarre.

It makes me laugh some of the google keyword bidding wars. Some of the best keywords have very few bids, other completely unfocussed and untargetted phrases have prices through the roof! I just did a report for a client, out of about 300 keyphrases one was above £1 click, all of my research shows that people actually do not search much for that phrase in isolation - it is always accompanied by one or two other words, and adding those words brings it down to a nicer price with less competition. I love my work :O)

Here are some links I have found on the subject:-

While interesting I can't help thinking the world has gone mad with some of these - without too much effort a lot of these phrases can have a lower PPC and probably a better quality click through if not quanitity.

So, where can I find a Mesothelioma casino lawyer who can do me a deal on some viagra ;O)


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