A new free video series, DotNetNuke Module Development

If you haven’t checked out the DotNetNuke Video Library lately, you really should, there is a lot of great content in there. I just uploaded 5 new videos as part of a new series that I am recording.

Beginning DotNetNuke Module Development, creating a Task Manager module for DNN. This will be a series of videos that get created over the next couple of months revolving around the creation of an open source Task Manager module. The module will be part of the DotNetNuke Forge, and the source code will be hosted on Codeplex.com.

The first videos show you how to get up and running with a new project, creating the project in Visual Studio using a template, how to install the module, and how to create the module in the Forge and how to use Codeplex for source control. The next round of videos (coming in the next couple of weeks) will get you into the development aspects of DotNetNuke.

You can check out the first 5 videos now in the Video Library, or using these direct links.

  1. Task Manager Series Introduction
  2. Creating the Task Manager Project
  3. Task Manager solution overview and installation
  4. Creating a project in the DotNetNuke Forge
  5. Adding your source code to TFS on Codeplex
  6. More coming soon!

For a continually updated list of the videos in the series, check out the Module Development Wiki page which has the videos listed, and will be updated as new videos are added.

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