New DNN Module Release

So a few weeks ago I released a DNN Module for Today I am happy to announce I've put together another release!

You can find it here.

We've updated the S8R Community Credit module to allow you to submit MORE content to
The previous version of S8RCC only allowed for submitting posts from Engage: Publish content, the new module allows for nearly every type of content submission you can get for

A few things.
1. You must have an API code/key from to use the module
2. Once you install the module on the page you must configure the module settings with the key/code from #1
3. You must be logged into DNN with the account you wish to submit credit to Community-Credit, be sure to have your first and last names, and email address defined in your DNN profile.

If you're a contributor and a DNN user this is a great way to submit your points to CC without having to use their forms. If you aren't a contributor, be sure to check out it's a great site that recognizes active development community members.

The module is written in C#, take a look at it and let me know what you think. The source is available, though I will most likely remove the Engage: Publish references in a future release as most of you who download the module will probably be unable to compile as you don't have Engage: Publish. For now if you want to compile the module you can remove the Publish references and the ASCX called PublishArticleList.ascx

Feedback is appreciated if you try the module out.



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