Binding an ADAM principal to Azman

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had a lot of problems last week trying to bind an ADAM principal to Azman.
I found a way to do that using the Azman PIA but unfortunately it is not supported by the Azman Role provider shipped within ASP.NET 2.0.
There are two available versions of Azman PIA, 1.0 and 1.2. The latest version was released within the W2k3 SP 1 and contains some improvements compared with the version 1.0.
The only way I found to bind an ADAM principal to Azman was through the user’s SID

//ADAM Provider was configured in the Web.Config file
MembershipUser user = Membership.GetUser("");

AzAuthorizationStoreClass store = new AzAuthorizationStoreClass();

store.Initialize(0, "msldap://localhost:389/CN=AzManADAMStore,CN=Users,DC=MyDomain,DC=Com", null);

IAzApplication2 azApp = store.OpenApplication2("MyApp", null);

//We need to use the SID instead of the user name, so the ProviderUserKey is used.
IAzClientContext context = azApp.InitializeClientContextFromStringSid(user.ProviderUserKey.ToString(), 1, null);

object roles = context.GetRoles("");

Some notes about this code:

1. The ADAM membership provider was configured in the application.
2. The code is using the AzMan PIA directly.
3. The method InitializeClientContextFromStringSid must be used instead of InitializeClientContextFromName. The last method only works for Windows principals and it is the one used by the AuthorizationRoleProvider class in ASP.NET. That's why it only works for windows principals.
4. A SID is required instead of a user-friendly name (We can get the SID from the ProviderUserKey property).

As far I know the only possible solution is to develop a custom Role Provider, which is not a good one because a SID is required instead of a friendly-name.

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