The "Service Factory" project is out

Are you wondering yourself how to build service oriented applications using the best practices in the market ?. In that case, you should definitively take a look to this new project Web Service Software Factory  from the Microsoft P&P team. It was announced last week by Don Smith and Jason Hogg in the Microsoft Canadian Architecture Forum.

As a part of this project, I have been working with Jason in some code samples to show different security patterns for WCF (These patterns were previously published for WSE 3.0).
Other people in the development team are also working with GAT to give tooling support and automate common tasks involved in the development of SOA applications. (This part is really important since WCF or ASMX does not offer good tooling support for the moment).

These are some members of the project who are also blogging,

I will be posting more about this exciting project soon.

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