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  • Making WSE 3.0 work with WSS4J and X509 certificates

    Today I found this interesting blog entry to making WSS4J (Axis) work with WSE 3.0 using a Mutual X509 scenario (There are two certificates, the first one for client authentication and the second one for message protection).
    Since WSE 3.0 and WCF are compatible at wire level (I have already developed a sample to show this), this entry is also useful for interop testing between WCF and WSS4J.

  • WS-Federation quickstart for WSE 3.0

    Microsoft has recently released a WS-Federation sample based on the SAML implementation for WSE 3.0.
    This sample adds some new cool features to the SAML implementation and shows a scenario similar to what I described a couple of months ago in this post.