What You Should Know About the Blaster Worm?

What You Should Know About the Blaster Worm

August 11, 2003

Glossary Terms

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At 11:34 A.M. Pacific Time today, Microsoft began investigating a worm reported by Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS).

Why We Are Issuing This Alert

A new worm known as W32.Blaster.Worm (also known as MBlaster, W32/Lovsan.worm, MSBlast, W32.blaster.worm, Win32.posa.worm, Win32.poza.worm) has been identified that is seeking to exploit the vulnerability patched with Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026. Blaster is designed to launch a denial of service attack against Microsoft's Windows Update Web site.


Why I blog this? I believe this is the 'hottest' topic recently AND, I 'm playing with this worm all night long yesterday... Moreover, the power supply of my PC in office broken down this morning... What's going on? Today is Friday?? :\

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