ASP.NET Device Profiling

Mobile DevicesAre you a ASP.NET mobile device developer? Did you install the latest Device Update 4 for ASP.NET v1.1 yet? Wait for ASP.NET Whidbey and its Web + Mobile device rendering? If not, don't see your favorite device listed in the supported devices list? You can now potentially add support for such device(s) using the Device Profiling tool available at Device Profiling.

The Microsoft ASP .NET Mobile Controls Device Profiling Service is provided for your convenience. The Service basically consists of a tool that allows you to determine the capabilities of a mobile device so you can extend ASP.NET mobile controls to support it and then stores the profile information in a list accessible by you under the "My Profiled Devices" portion of the Service. ASP.NET mobile controls (formerly known as Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit) provide support for more than 200 devices, and Microsoft continues to add support for new devices through regular device updates, available for download from the Device Update Web site here.. If you need to extend ASP.NET mobile controls to use devices not yet supported through device updates, you can use this Service to profile the device. [more]

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