Monodoc 0.9 released

Regarding the blog by Jesse about the Mono 1.0 release yesterday, I just received an email announcing the release of Monodoc 0.9 from Miguel today.

When talking about Mono, I met Duncan, one of the Mono developer, in my local .NET User Group monthly gathering 2 weeks ago. It's a great moment to meet him in Hong Kong, but he have to fly to Boston immediately so he can't deliver a presentation to my user group members...

Well, the meetup is cool and we didn't do any marketing job. That is, he didn't promote Mono and I didn't (little?) mention .NET throughout the session. Anyway, we have fun and a common topic to chat: our experience and deficient when coding in Java :)

Here are some references of the Mono project:

Home, Forum, MailingList#1 and MailingList#2

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