Usability and Cost

Usability is a wide subject and one conclusion I can made after attending a 4-hours usability training this morning: Respect the Users.

Many companies mainly focus on analysis, architect, design, coding and testing, but the principal consultant presented many good points in usabiility on software production. I talked with the consultant after the official training, and he also said that many I.T. people always do what they think and rarely get user involed in the production lifecycle (especially in the fast-chaning and limited budget style), as I.T. people always believe they understand what users want after a couple of interviews or discussions with user representatives or process owners, but the truth may not like that and turn out the dev cost (including re-development cost) may finally higher than expected... well, it's good to arrange such training and I hope our dev team members and strategic planners get something from it today. :)

Colt Kwong

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