The Secret to Great User Experiences

Today is a landmark day. I am uploading the 50th episode of the Polymorphic Podcast all the while I get to announce the beginning of our new podcast series at Infragistics, pixel8!

Polymorphic Podcast and pixel8You're going to want to check out pixel8 because this show is all about the people and the technology surrounding great user experiences.

Now, I know what you are thinking...

You're a software developer, you leave the "pretty stuff" to the guys with the black turtlenecks and the felt berets; you don't do design. Ah, my friend, but you do!

We are emphasizing on "user experience" because it's so much more than graphic design and layout choices. User experience is about the look-and-feel, but also about performance, reliability, intuitiveness and a lot more. I like to think of it as the feeling someone has when they walk away from your software just as much as what they encounter while using your software.

So what's in store? Here's a quick run-down of the guests we've already lined up for you:

Trust me... we're not stopping there!

Almost all of the above shows are recorded and are queued up for production. To satisfy right now here are the shows we are launching with:

Finally if you want to help spread the word, I'd love it if you helped pass along this promo.

So what is the secret to great user experiences? You'll find it at pixel8! (hint: Jeff Veen has a pretty good idea...)

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