The Power of the Pen - and BizTalk doesn't use it

Am I the only one to use the BizTalk Orchestration Designer on a Tablet PC? The drawing UI metaphor of the Orchestration Designer works really nice on a tablet with a pen. I think it's totally cool to draw orchestrations on the screen, instead of using the mouse -- it's almost like in the movie “Minority Report“, where Tom Cruise moved images on those giant transparent displays by waving his hands.

While “drawing the orchestration” with a is a nice user experience, there are some features in the UI that are very pen unfriendly. Drag-and-drop support from the Orchestration View onto the designer surface or the property editor would help the mouse users, but it would make the pen experience downright awesome. For example, I would love to just drag a port type to port on the desinger surface, drop message types onto operations or access my binding files from a chooser UI and drop it onto the orchestration in the BizTalk explorer.

Can I have these features in the next BizTalk service pack ? ;)

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