BOF session on XQuery (if you like)

Here comes XQuery

Ready or not, XQuery is on the way with the W3C finalizing their recommendation and many of the major vendors starting to ship implementations.  XQuery is to XML what SQL is to relational databases, a comprehensive query language for XML. Whidbey and Yukon introduce XQuery to the Microsoft Platform and .NET, so this BOF session is a great opportunity to get answers to questions like:

* Is XQuery going to stay?
* Will XQuery be the SQL of the future?
* How is it supported by the .NET Framework?
* How does Microsoft see it fitting into the enterprise application design?
* ...

Microsoft has indicated to support this session by sending people from the XQuery team and the standards groups. It's a great opportunity to meet these guys face to face.

If you're interested in this session and would like to see it happen, please vote for it at:

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