Merry Christmas Indeed!

Janice went all out this year and got me an Ibanez JS1000 (Joe Satriani series) guitar, a Line 6 POD X3 Live effects board and a pair of Roland CM-30 amplified monitors. My fingers are all tore up now since I've been out of practice for some time now. But it sure is fun to get back to some jamming. The JS1000 is pretty light and has easy action. Combined with the POD X3 I can get quite a variety of amazing sounds. I even got the X3 hooked up to my MacBook Pro and finally was able to try out Garage Band. I was able to lay down the rhythm track for Crushing Day (what I could remember from back in the day) and then play the lead part over it with no lag. The roland CM-30s are nice because I can run my Alesis QS8 and the POD X3 into them at the same time. This is probly the best setup I've ever had.

Later today I hooked up a microphone to the X3 and the kids had a blast talking and play singing into it. "Daddy it sounds kinda like I'm in a cave...". Perhaps I should cut down some of that reverb. :) 

Santa Clause was good to me this year. (Thanks Janice)

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