C# 10 new feature CallerArgumentExpression, argument check and more

The CallerArgumentExpression has been discussed for years, it was supposed to a part of C# 8.0 but got delayed. Finally this month it is delivered along with C# 10 and .NET 6.

CallerArgumentExpressionAttribute and argument compilation

In C# 10, [CallerArgumentExpression(parameterName)] can be used to direct the compiler to capture the specified argument’s expression as text. For example:

using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;

void Function(int a, TimeSpan b, [CallerArgumentExpression("a")] string c = "", [CallerArgumentExpression("b")] string d = "")
    Console.WriteLine($"Called with value {a} from expression '{c}'");
    Console.WriteLine($"Called with value {b} from expression '{d}'");

When calling above function, The magic happens at compile time:

Function(1, default);
// Compiled to: 
Function(1, default, "1", "default");

int x = 1;
TimeSpan y = TimeSpan.Zero;
Function(x, y);
// Compiled to:
Function(x, y, "x", "y");

Function(int.Parse("2") + 1 + Math.Max(2, 3), TimeSpan.Zero - TimeSpan.MaxValue);
// Compiled to:
Function(int.Parse("2") + 1 + Math.Max(2, 3), TimeSpan.Zero - TimeSpan.MaxValue, "int.Parse(\"2\") + 1 + Math.Max(2, 3)", "TimeSpan.Zero - TimeSpan.MaxValue");

Function’s parameter c is decorated with [CallerArgumentExpression("a")]. So when calling Function, C# compiler will pickup whatever expression passed to a, and use that expression’s text for c. Similarly, whatever expression is used for b, that expression’s text is used for d.

Argument check

The most useful scenario of this feature is argument check. In the past, a lot of argument check utility methods are created like this:

public static partial class Argument
    public static void NotNull<T>([NotNull] T? value, string name) where T : class
        if (value is null)
            throw new ArgumentNullException(name);

    public static void NotNullOrWhiteSpace([NotNull] string? value, string name)
        if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(value))
            throw new ArgumentException(string.Format(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, Resources.StringCannotBeEmpty, name));

    public static void NotNegative(int value, string name)
        if (value < 0)
            throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(name, value, string.Format(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, Resources.ArgumentCannotBeNegative, name));

So they can be used as:

public partial record Person
    public Person(string name, int age, Uri link)
        Argument.NotNullOrWhiteSpace(name, nameof(name));
        Argument.NotNegative(age, nameof(age));
        Argument.NotNull(link, nameof(link));

        this.Name = name;
        this.Age = age;
        this.Link = link.ToString();

    public string Name { get; }
    public int Age { get; }
    public string Link { get; }

The problem is, it is very annoying to pass argument name every time. There are some ways to get rid of manually passing argument name, but these approaches introduces other issues. For example, a lambda expression with closure can be used:

public partial record Person
    public Person(Uri link)
        Argument.NotNull(() => link);

        this.Link = link.ToString();

And this version of NotNull can take a function:

public static partial class Argument
    public static void NotNull<T>(Func<T> value)
        if (value() is null)
            throw new ArgumentNullException(GetName(value));

    private static string GetName<T>(Func<T> func)
        // func: () => arg is compiled to DisplayClass with a field and a method. That method is func.
        object displayClassInstance = func.Target!;
        FieldInfo closure = displayClassInstance.GetType()
            .GetFields(BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance)
        return closure.Name;

See my post on what is closure and how C# compiles closure.

Lambda expression can be also compiled to expression tree. So NotNull can be implemented to take an expression too (See my post on what is expression tree and how C# compiles expression tree):

public static partial class Argument
    public static void NotNull<T>(Expression<Func<T>> value)
        if (value.Compile().Invoke() is null)
            throw new ArgumentNullException(GetName(value));

    private static string GetName<T>(Expression<Func<T>> expression)
        // expression: () => arg is compiled to DisplayClass with a field. Here expression body is to access DisplayClass instance's field.
        MemberExpression displayClassInstance = (MemberExpression)expression.Body;
        MemberInfo closure = displayClassInstance.Member;
        return closure.Name;

These approaches introduce the lambda syntax and performance overhead at runtime. And they are extremely fragile too. Now C# 10’s CallerArgumentExpression finally provides a cleaner solution:

public static partial class Argument
    public static T NotNull<T>([NotNull] this T? value, [CallerArgumentExpression("value")] string name = "")
        where T : class =>
        value is null ? throw new ArgumentNullException(name) : value;

    public static string NotNullOrWhiteSpace([NotNull] this string? value, [CallerArgumentExpression("value")] string name = "") =>
            ? throw new ArgumentException(string.Format(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, Resources.StringCannotBeEmpty, name), name)
            : value;

    public static int NotNegative(this int value, [CallerArgumentExpression("value")] string name = "") =>
        value < 0
            ? throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(name, value, string.Format(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, Resources.ArgumentCannotBeNegative, name))
            : value;

Now the argument check can be shorter and fluent:

public record Person
    public Person(string name, int age, Uri link) => 
        (this.Name, this.Age, this.Link) = (name.NotNullOrWhiteSpace(), age.NotNegative(), link.NotNull().ToString());
        // Compiled to:
        // this.Name = Argument.NotNullOrWhiteSpace(name, "name");
        // this.Age = Argument.NotNegative(age, "age");
        // this.Link = Argument.NotNull(link, "link").ToString();

    public string Name { get; }
    public int Age { get; }
    public string Link { get; }

The argument name is generated at compile time and there is no performance overhead at runtime at all.

Assertion and logging

The other useful scenarios could be assertion and logging:

static void Assert(bool condition, [CallerArgumentExpression("condition")] string expression = "")
    if (!condition)
        Environment.FailFast($"'{expression}' is false and should be true.");

Assert(y > TimeSpan.Zero);
// Compiled to:
Assert(y > TimeSpan.Zero, "y > TimeSpan.Zero");

static void Log<T>(T value, [CallerArgumentExpression("value")] string expression = "")
    Trace.WriteLine($"'{expression}' has value '{value}'");

Log(Math.Min(Environment.ProcessorCount, x));
// Compiled to:
Log(Math.Min(Environment.ProcessorCount, x), "Math.Min(Environment.ProcessorCount, x)");

Use for older projects

If .NET 6.0 SDK is installed, C# 10 is available, where CallerArgumentExpression can be used targeting to .NET 5 and .NET 6. For older project targeting older .NET or .NET Standard, CallerArgumentExpressionAttribute is not available. Fortunately C# 10 and this feature can still be used with them, as long as .NET 6.0 SDK is installed. Just manually add the CallerArgumentExpressionAttribute class to your project and use it like the built-in attribute:

#if !NET5_0 && !NET6_0
namespace System.Runtime.CompilerServices;

/// <summary>
/// Allows capturing of the expressions passed to a method.
/// </summary>
[AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Parameter, AllowMultiple = false, Inherited = false)]
internal sealed class CallerArgumentExpressionAttribute : Attribute
    /// <summary>
    /// Initializes a new instance of the <see cref="T:System.Runtime.CompilerServices.CallerArgumentExpressionAttribute" /> class.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="parameterName">The name of the targeted parameter.</param>
    public CallerArgumentExpressionAttribute(string parameterName) => this.ParameterName = parameterName;

    /// <summary>
    /// Gets the target parameter name of the <c>CallerArgumentExpression</c>.
    /// </summary>
    /// <returns>
    /// The name of the targeted parameter of the <c>CallerArgumentExpression</c>.
    /// </returns>
    public string ParameterName { get; }

It should be internal so that when this assembly is referenced by another assembly, there won’t conflict with the built-in version of [CallerArgumentExpression]. Then C# 10‘s compiler will pick it up and the above magic will happen.


  • Nah, I’ll pass. That code looks horrible, the intent of syntax sugar is usually to clean up code.

  • Typical of many C# features released in recent years - horrible, unreadable code, all for the sake of avoiding typing a couple more lines of code.

  • features are pretty amazing, loved to read

  • public Person(string name, int age, Uri link) => please explain this query

  • It is awesome to assign a value to a variable simultaneously from both left and right, and like in Highlander, only one remains.

    [CallerArgumentExpression("a")] string c = ""

    Looks like the C# team is envy of C, where you can not be sure to distinguish a valid source code from something get out of a CRC-failed zip file with a single look.

  • @Ad Trens

    That is just a syntactic sugar.

    public Point(int x, int y, int z)
    this.X = x;
    this.Y = y;
    this.Z = z;

    can be written as:

    public Point(int x, int y, int z) =>
    (this.X, this.Y, this.Z) = (x, y, z)

    The compilation result are the same.

  • I really start to hate C#. It's become such a bloated language that it's become absolutely gross to use. What is the purpose of this? Making everything unreadably terse is an awful goal to have as a language designer.

    This is just awful:

    public Person(string name, int age, Uri link) =>
    (this.Name, this.Age, this.Link) = (name.NotNullOrWhiteSpace(), age.NotNegative(), link.NotNull().ToString());

    So much magic that a developer has to first learn before they can read this code and make up their mind if this is actually doing what you'd want it to do or not. Absolutely gross.

    Just keep it simple. A simple if (x == null) throw ArgumentNullException(...); is really not that bad that it needed "improvement".

    C# is becoming an awful language. As a very senior developer at my company I increasingly hate to use C# for new projects because new developers have such a hard time to become good at it. When we realised that .NET and C# keep changing fundamentally around the time netstandard2.0 was discontinued we started to use nodejs and Go for all our new projects and most of our teams have seen a boost in productivity. Productivity doesn't come from terse code, it comes from easy to read code which someone can understand fast and make quick changes to it without having to constantly google the meaning of obscure features every 5 minutes.

  • Great. So `CallLibraryFunction( EncodeString("My vulnerable data") );` suddenly becomes broken?

  • > Great. So `CallLibraryFunction( EncodeString("My vulnerable data") );` suddenly becomes broken?
    This is broken from the beginning since the "My vulnerable data" is written as-is in the output binary.

  • Your code should probably have internal class CallerArgumentExpressionAttribute so it doesn't interfere with other projects referencing it that are .NET 6+.

  • @HA
    Thank you. Updated the code.

  • I agree with many of the posts that trying to jam more meaning into fewer characters makes for less readable code, which makes it harder to maintain the code moving forward. Net loss imho.

  • Thank you for the code sir. Keep it up

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    جمع بندی که می توان از این مطلب داشته باشیم این است که شما می توانید برای خرید گیم تایم 60 روزه از فروشگاه جت گیم آن را خریداری کنید. گیم تایم 60 روزه دارای سرور اروپا و آمریکا است که بهتر است سرور گیم تایم شما با شدولند شما یکی باشد تا از لحاظ پینگی مشکلی را به وجود نیاورد. امیدوارم مطالب برای علاقمندان این گیم جذاب مفید قرار گرفته باشه با تشکر.

  • Buy 60-day game time from Jet Game

    If you are looking to buy a 60-day game time for your world of warcraft game, you can visit the Jet Game store. One of the features of this store is that it is instantaneous. After paying the price, the product code will be delivered to you as soon as possible. At the moment, the advantage of Jet Game Store is that it is faster than other stores. And is working with experienced staff and with the support of products offered to users at the most appropriate prices.

    The best way to activate 60-day game time
    The easiest and best way to enable gametime is to submit to a BattleNet client. A code will be sent to you after you purchase 60 days of game time from Jet Game. You must enter this code in the Battle Net client of the Rededm a Code section to activate the 60-day gametime for you. But your other way to activate game time is to visit the Battle.net site.

    GameTime connection to Shodoland
    GameTime was introduced from the first day Shudland came into the world of warcraft. It can be said that the main purpose of GameTime's connection to Shodland is to prevent chatting. Because you have to pay a lot of money to be able to play game time. On the other hand, it is strengthening the servers. After the advent of gametime servers, Warcraft's game servers have also become more powerful

  • 60 days game time is currently the only game time provided by blizzard for gamers, Word of Warcraft. In the past, there were games like 30-day and 180-day, but due to the new policies of this company and the policy that it has considered, the only game time that is currently possible for dear gamers is Game Time 60. Is fasting. In the following, we have collected interesting explanations about game time for you, which are worth reading.

    Two months gametime application

    Currently, 2 months gametime is used in all areas of world of warcraft. But if you want to experience a series of exciting and new experiences, you have to buy this game time. These experiences include:
    Use new expansions
    Play in new maps
    Roll up in a new style
    Change in the shape of the game
    Prepared from the site of Jet Game

  • Some Blizzard games will not be available to gamers and users for free. And these users to buy game time or the same game card. One of these games is محب the popular World of Warcraft game. The monthly charge of Warcraft game on Blizzard Game Time game servers, which is available in the Jet Game store.

    Buy 60-day game time from Jet Game store:

    In fact, 60-day game time is a new example of game time for use in World of Warcraft. In the following, we will explain more about this product and how to use it.

    By purchasing 60-day game time during that game time (60 days), you will get access to features in World of Warcraft, which include the following:

    1 - Allow to roll up to level 50 (without game time you can only play up to level 20)

    2 - Allow to chat with others in the game (without game time you can not chat in the game)

    3 - Access to the game World of Warcraft Classic

  • Thank you for sharing information …

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  • محبوبیت گیم تایم دو ماهه:
    همان طور که در بالا ذکر شد گیم تایم 60 روزه چند ماهی است که نسبت به گیم تایم های دیگر به محبوبیت رسیده است. این به این علت است که هم دارای زمان مناسبی است و هم قیمت مناسبی. علتی که پلیر های world of warcraft از این نوع گیم تایم استفاده می کنند مدت زمان است. چرا که گیم تایم 60 روزه یک گیم تایم متوسط است و بیشتر افراد از روز های این گیم تایم استفاده می کنند. یک مزیتی که این گیم تایم نسبت به گیم تایم های دیگر دارد همین مدت زمانش است.

    انواع ریجن های game time
    به صورت کلی گیم تایم دو ماهه ساخته شده از 2 ریجن اروپا و آمریکا است. اما یک بحث مهمی که وجود دارد این است که توصیه می شود ریجنی از گیم تایم را تهیه کنید که با ریجن شدولند شما همخوانی داشته باشد. اگر به دنبال توصیه ما هستید به شما توصیه می کنیم که ریجن اروپا را خریداری کنید. چرا که به سرور های Middle east نزدیک است و معمولا شما پینگ بهتری را دریافت می کنید.

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  • Some Blizzard games will not be available to gamers and users for free. And these users to buy game time or the same game card. One of these games is محب the popular World of Warcraft game. The monthly charge of Warcraft game on Blizzard Game Time game servers, which is available in the Jet Game store.

    Buy 60-day game time from Jet Game store:

    In fact, 60-day game time is a new example of game time for use in World of Warcraft. In the following, we will explain more about this product and how to use it.

    By purchasing 60 days of game time during that game time (60 days), you will have access to features in World of Warcraft, which include the following:

    1 - Permission to roll up to level 50 (without game time you can only play up to level 20)

    2 - Permission to chat with others in the game (without game time you can not chat in the game)

    3 - Access to the game World of Warcraft Classic

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