New Community -

Just a quick bookmark in my blog to announce 3 things:

I'm now the new Webmaster (is that still a position title) for a new blog'ging community:

The can be accessed via 2 paths:

Into the future this will link to a much larger community portal located at and will encompass Blogs, News, Activities and also be integrated with  I've already managed to attract some well known community members such as Wayne King (Microsoft), Jeffrey Schoolcraft, Steven Smith and Roy Osherove - with more to follow!

If you would like a blog to post regular expression specific entries please contact me via my feedback form.

This leads onto my final item; I'll obviously be posting all of my regex-centric content via my new blog located at:, if you are at all interested in my non-regular-regular-expression-antics then, you should (re-)subscribe here:   or

Sorry for the confusion about the 2 names, eventually I expect the latter address to become better known but, for the time being I think that regexblogs is easier to remember :)

I'm especially interested in hearing about Perl and Java regular expression afficionado's so, if you know of any - send them my way ;-)

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