This Is A Partially Syndicated Feed

FYI – For those of you still subscribed this feed, this is a trimmed down syndicated feed.  I try to limit what I syndicate here, and restrict it to pure .Net related posts.  You are more then welcome to continue subscribing to this feed, but you are missing the majority of my posts.

My full blog feed can be found here.  But maybe you don’t want to read all of my posts (the topics vary) so I have 3 main sections:

  • Grok This - The Grok This category is devoted to a number of various topics that I find interesting, but do not contain enough content to warrant a dedicated category.
  • All Things Techie - devoted to a various topics related to computer programming/development (which is a superset of what is syndicated here), including community information.
  • Music - all my music reviews. Mostly CD reviews, but there should also be a bunch on the concerts I attend.

Each section is further divided in subcategories, so if you have very specific topics that you are interested in, you can have that too.

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