AngularJS in 60-ish Minutes – The eBook

Back in April of 2013 I published a video titled AngularJS in 60-ish Minutes on YouTube that focused on learning the fundamentals of AngularJS such as data binding, controllers, modules, factories/services and more (watch it by clicking the link above or scroll to the bottom of this post). One of the people that watched the video was Ian Smith (his blog is at But, Ian did much more than just watch it. He took the time to transcribe the audio into text, added screenshots, and included the time that the topic appears in the original video. Here’s an example of one of the pages:


The funny thing about this whole story is that I’m currently working on an AngularJS eBook concept that I plan to publish to that’ll be called AngularJS JumpStart and it’s also based on the video. It follows the same general format and I even paid a transcription company to generate a document for me a few months back. Ian and I have both developed training materials before and it turns out we were both thinking along the same lines which was funny to see when he first showed me what he created. I’m extremely appreciative of Ian for taking the time to transcribe the video (thank him if you use the document) and hope you find it useful!

image Download the AngularJS in 60-ish Minutes eBook here


AngularJS in 60-ish Minutes Video


If you’re interested in more articles, blog posts, and additional information on AngularJS check out the new The AngularJS Magazine (a Flipboard magazine) that I started:


The AngularJS Magazine


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  • Dan and Ian, I've been taking a lot of notes while watching this tutorial; now everything is documented! you guys always support the Dev community with great content!

    Thank you both for your efforts.


  • Great video,

    I'm an avid blog reader and have been coming across many blog postings on AngularJS but never really spent any time trying to understand it. Now that I watched this video I'm going to play around with it see if I can make it work for me. I was going to thank Ian for taking time to transcribe the audio but my company's network policies will not let me navigate to Twitter -- I’ll do this from home.

    Thanks for sharing...

  • Well, this Video is (one of) the most useful and best made learning ressource I've consumed so far. Really, really well done. Thanks for that.

  • Dan,
    thank you so much for this excellent tutorial. We were floundering with routing but following your example solved it in minutes. Oh, and an excellent explanation of Factory and how easy it fits in with REST requests.

  • Thanks everyone! I'm really glad to hear that the video and eBook has been helpful.

  • To remove the animation from the demo I've tried replacing:


    For some reason this doesn't work. Any ideas why?

  • To remove the animation from the demo:

    replace with

    remove opacity: 0.0; from .view style in customerManagementStyles.css

  • Thought the video was excellent - thanks Dan! I followed along but ran into a problem at about 53:00 of the video - you demonstrate adding a customer and then navigating to view2. I thought the newly added customer would be available to view2 since it's sharing the same controller and scope but for some reason it's not.
    Maybe I overlooked something but it didn't work for me and in your demo, I can see that the new customer does not appear for you either. Can you shed any light on this, please? Thanks again for the great video - it's just what I needed to start getting up to speed on AngularJS.

  • Mike:

    Thanks - glad you enjoyed the video. The customer data was never persisted/stored anywhere so when the view was switched a brand new controller was created and the previous customer that was added was lost.

    Check out my post on working with RESTful services for an example of actually persisting the data to a back-end service. Or, check out the sample mentioned at the end of the video/ebook.


  • Thanks for the quick response, Dan. I figured as much but didn't realize a new controller would be created. I guess if the view2 partial was included as view1 was (in a data-ng-view on the main page), it would work as I had expected.

    Thanks again - I'm going to check out your working with RESTful services next!

  • This is one of the best video tutorials I've seen on ANY framework in quiet a while. Really liked how you iterated through the different ways to do the same thing, refactoring as you go.

  • Totally excellent tutorial! Thank you so much!
    But my code did not work in the last stages- so I'm trying to find the source code to no avail. (if it exists) Where is it ?

    Can't wait for your up-coming book on Angular.
    By the way, I have seen all your Plural videos. You are my fav!

    pss:Thanks for the awesome work of teaching coding with excellence! If there is a Heaven for coding teachers, your merits have sure reserved/deserved you a place there :-))

  • Thanks Iamass - I appreciate it. :-)

    You'll find the sample code link on page 6 of the PDF. It's located at


  • This is the best 60-ish minutes I've spend for a long time :)
    Great introduction to Angular, I can't really thank you enough!!!

  • Thank you. A great introduction.

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