HTML 5. First impressions

What's currently supports?

I'm checking the new HTML 5 draft and I'm trying to prove the new features already supports.

After reading the draft (, I think that it's very interesting. At an another future post I'll review these features I like. I'm going use the examples of some features of this draft what are supported now in three browsers (Opera 9.5 Beta, Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3 Beta 1)

New Feature Internet Explorer 7 Opera 9.5 Beta Firefox 3 Beta 1
Dialog element Support Support Support
Datalist with list attribute Not support Support Not support
Input's types Not support Support Not support
Attributes Not support Not support Not support
Elements Not support Not support Not support

The most compatible browser with the new version of the HTML standard is Opera, how I could see. I want to try in the Safari browser too.

And what's going to disappear?

The features to disappear list contains some element very used currently, these are (I'm going to comment the most used tags only):

Presentation elements:
  • center
  • font (only used in the WYSIWIG editors with limitations)
  • strike
  • u
Element that are cause of bad accessibility or usability
  • frame
  • frameset
  • noframes
Applet and Noscritpt element:
  • applet: it's used in favor of object)
  • noscript: this element's in the HTML syntax but it isn't in the XML syntax
Presentation attributes

Presentation attributes (like size, bgcolor, scrolling, style, type, width, border, etc.) are going to disappear in the next version of HTML.

Some attributes like target (of link element) is going to disappear to use the CSS styles

Summary and conclussion

I think that, although this version includes lots of new fantastic features, the HTML parsers'll must be compatible with the previous versions of the HTML due to there're lots of web sites with the previous standards and the browsers'll open the old sites. In conclusion the old tags, elements, etc. will be present in the HTML parsers and the web developer'll use it.

In addition the server side technologies'll have to adapt to the new standard and this includes from ASP.NET to PHP and the other tecnologies.

I wish that someone develop a browser based only in the HTML 5 and the other standards.

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