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  • Code Generation Network

    Many people have pointed out the existance of the Code Generation Network.  This looks like a very nice site and has a big list of code generation tools.  While browsing through it, I found a link to this interview of Dave Thomas.  I agree with a lot of what he has to say.  Until recently, CodeSmith has been a "smelly" code generation tool since it didn't have a lot of support for active generation, but with the recent addition of the VS.NET code generator it can now be used as an active generator.  I also have plans to add command line support and, thanks to a great suggestion by Duncan Godwin, I have also added a Nant build task to my TODO list.  As soon as I can get CodeSmith legally transfered to me, I will be able to start working on these ideas.  I truely believe that CodeSmith has the best template based code generation engine out of everything I have looked at and if I get to work adding more active generation support it will truely be a very powerful tool.

  • CodeSmith

    I have started to look at using codesmith for a project I am working on and so far I am very impressed with the tool. (Eric , the code smith himself, is looking for some legal aid if you are so qualified/inclined.) There are a couple of things that I am trying to figure out how to incorporate into the generation process, and as far as I can tell they are not there yet.

  • CodeSmith and a MMC Snapin

    Eric J. Smith is looking for some help to make sure that the CodeSmith code generator remains legally available. I'd pony up the whole amount if I was still working for a fat dot-com. As it is, I'll be happy to chip in if someone gets a legal fund going here. Better still would be some pro-bono legal work, if anyone out there is qualified.


    ** ATTENTION: CodeSmith is in need of some legal assistance.  I no longer work for RedRiver Systems, but they are willing to transfer ownership of CodeSmith and the SchemaExplorer API to me on the condition that they recieve an unconditional, non-revocable license to the software including free updates forever in the event that I decide to make CodeSmith a commercial product (I have no plans to do this, but they have to cover themselves).  This should remain in affect in the event that I decide to sell my rights to a 3rd party.  It should also state that they will be released from any and all liability associated with the use of CodeSmith once it is transferred to me or subsequently to anyone else.  I need for someone with a legal background to write a contract to this affect or for enough people to make donations (think it will cost about $200) so that I can afford to pay a lawyer to do this for me.  Once this is complete, I will be releasing a non-expiring build of CodeSmith with support for Visual Studio .NET 2003 final and I am also very strongly considering moving the project to SourceForge under an open-source license immediately after this transfer is complete.  If you can help, please email me at  Thanks!

  • Olymars

    Lots of negative talk regarding OlyMars lately. I will admit that I don't have the time to figure out how to use it (gave it a try a few times, but just wasn't my style). However, it is still a very cool tool, it just has a crappy interface on top of it, but it isn't meant to be production code anyway now is it? My understanding is that it is just a research project...and when is the last time you saw a research project with warm fuzzy documentation and a sexy UI?

  • OlyMars == Confusion

    Let me put it this way. If the instructions for using a condom were as complicated as the ones for using OlyMars, AIDS would have killed us all by now.