LLBLGen Pro v4.1 Released!

We've released LLBLGen Pro v4.1! Below a quick run down of what's new in this release. LLBLGen Pro v4.1 is a free upgrade for v4.x licensees.

What's new

  • Entity Framework v6 support. Entity Framework v6 is now a supported framework, on .NET 4, .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.5.1
  • .NET 4.5.1 support .NET 4.5.1 is now a supported platform.
  • VS.NET 2013 integration. The designer now integrates also in VS.NET 2013.
  • Oracle 12c support. The Oracle drivers now support the new Oracle 12c identity/default sequence feature.
  • ODP.NET 12c managed provider support. The ODP.NET based Oracle driver can now work with the ODAC 12+ managed provider.
  • Various small changes and additions. See for the full list of smaller changes and additions the online documentation.

LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework
  • Full async API. The runtime framework now offers a full Async API, usable in Linq, QuerySpec and the Low-Level API for retrieval of data and object persistence. Usable in async/await code on .NET 4.5 and higher. More information...
  • Transient Error Recovery. The runtime framework now offers the ability to recover from transient errors occuring during database activity. More information...
  • Oracle 12c support. The runtime now supports Oracle 12c: Identity/default sequences are now supported on Oracle 12c as well as the new paging keywords for SELECT on Oracle 12c.
  • Managed Oracle ODP.NET provider support. The runtime now supports the managed ODP.NET provider for Oracle (ODAC v12+).
  • Various small changes. See for the full list of smaller changes the online documentation

Entity Framework support
  • Entity Framework v6 support. In v4.1 of LLBLGen Pro, Entity Framework support has been updated to support Entity Framework v6 on .NET 4, .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.5.1.

Enjoy! Smile

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