4.0 Released: Visual Studio 2005 Support

Vector Graphics Calendar Control

Versions 4.0 and 3.0 of the vector graphics system are released. Version 4.0 supports Visual Studio 2005, and version 3.0 supports Visual Studio 2003. Read more in the Readme file.

Some new features:

  • Use the new Style Precedence property to override a Style in a sub Picture with a Style in a parent Picture.
  • Trigger code when the mouse wheel is rotated using the new MouseWheel event on every Element.
  • Copy and paste Styles in the Style collection editor.
  • Font caching increases the performance of displays using many different TextAppearance objects.

If you downloaded version 4.0.2702, and you ran into a file path error during installation, please re-download the latest build 4.0.2705, which fixes this installer error.

The screenshot above is a calendar pop-up window created with scalable vector graphics. The shadow around the window has per-pixel translucency, thanks to the TranslucentForm class.

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