Vehicle Tracking Simulation

Vector Graphics Vehicle Tracking Simulation

If you write transportation management applications, or applications which track trucks, railroad cars, or other vehicles, you may be interested in this vehicle tracking simulation using vector graphics. It is a combination of the PanZoom and PathMove samples, demonstrating:

  • Real-time tracking of vehicles using scalable vector graphics
  • Implementation of a Vehicle class with custom properties
  • Movement of an object along a path
  • Control over velocity of movement
  • Zooming and panning
  • Throttling CPU usage of animation of specific objects
  • Layers using Groups

The Vehicle class custom properties:

  • Velocity
  • MovementPath: the path along which the vehicle moves
  • Position: distance along the movement path
  • Direction: forward or backward
  • State: normal, or alarm state, indicated visually by a change in the color (red vehicles are in the alarm state)

Download the executable by clicking on the image above. Download the source code, which compiles with Visual Studio 2003. You will need installed, full or Lite version.

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