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  • ASP.Net MVC Framework 2 - Interception and creating a Role Action Filter

    With the ASP.Net MVC Framework Preview 2, we can use Action Filters. An Action Filter can be used to intercept actions before and after an Action method of a Controller is executed. By using Action Filters you can for example add code that will check if a user has the right permission to access a action method, or you can use it to log messaged before and action is executed, and also after. An Action Filter is easy to apply to a Controller or its Action method. Just add the ActionFilter as an attribute to the class or specific method of a Controller.

  • ASP.Net MVC Framework 2 - Define Routes in Web.config

    Something I like with ASP.Net MVC Framework Preview 2 is the RouteValueDictionary used by the Route class’s Defaults, Constraints and DataTokens property, before they use an anonymous type. Because the properties are now a specific type it’s much easier to define the routes in web.config. Before it was quite easy but some reflection was needed. I have now created a ConfigSection and a helper method to easily register routes which can be defined in the web.config for the Preview 2 version of the ASP.Net MVC Framework. I decided to use the following XML structure to define routes in web.config: