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  • Version handling in Workflow Foundation 4

    When comparing workflow engines, versionning is a key aspect to take into account. If you are going to implement a workflow based solution, before committing to a platform you need to know what level of support does the engine provide to manage changes throughout the lifecycle of a workflow, you need to know what's going to happen to all the active workflow instances deployed on live once you've made a change on the flow of activities. Will the running instances still run after the new deploy, will they take the changes into account or will they run according to the version of the flow they were deployed with? If not what will my migration strategy be then?

  • Workflow + WCF + ASP.NET sample updated

    Back in 2006 when Workflow foundation was still WWF (and some of us believed it was going to change the world), and all the foundations were "add ons" on top of the .NET 2.0 version of the framework I set out to build a reference help desk solution to learn the basics of the once new workflow & communication foundations, plus membership to see if I could make sense of all these technologies in one integrated sample.

  • Silverlight free controls

    We are doing some Silverlight development so I started to look for third party controls to make my webapp look sexy, and came across Martin Grayson’sBlacklight project. Seems Microsoft is investing in developing and releasing quality controls, source code and everything, not tied to the official Silverlight release.

  • The young history of our industry

    My engineering career didn't provide any formal insight into the history and timeline of events that led to were software, and software companies are today. I never had a history of software subject, but I remember enjoying when some teacher would go out topic into historical anecdotes about when a technology appeared.

  • eBanking meets RIA

    So we said to ourselves, all internet banking applications look pretty much the same, despite there are some new toys in town like Silveright, and AJAX. What would be the result of applying Rich Internet Application technologies to our internet banking platform?

    This was the result back in January,

    Now where are back again working on a new, improved version.