Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is out there, but hold on...

As Scott Guthrie posted, there's a new release available of Silverlight 2, it's beta version 2 now this time, and we are getting closer to the release.I've upgraded to the new version, and here's a quick review of the pros and cons,

The Pros,

  • It has go live license, meaning you can take it to production and you'll get support
  • There's a new Expression Blend preview, compatible with the VS2008 SP1 beta
  • It has several enhancements in the control template editing support, for out of the box controls
  • A new feature called Visual State Manager which enables customization of controls look&feel in specific states, like checked, unchecked, pressed, visited and the transitions animations between states
  • Check scott's entry for the full list and explanation
The Cons,
  • Clients upgraded to beta 2 won't be able to run beta 1 apps,  so if you have a bunch of silverlight applications it's an all or none upgrade decision.
  • It's buggy in the WCF service reference wizard, you may want to check this forum thread. You get some very annoying Unable to find service 'DynamicTypeService' messages, plus some object reference not set to an instance of an object when trying to add a new reference. This for me has been a low blow, since I may have to rewrite all the communication logic, or wait for a fix :(

I'll keep you in the loop,

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