Time to get started...

So here I am trying to multi-task. I'm working on getting this blog set up (thanks to Scott W. for the great work on creating a rich ASP.NET blog tool!), while also working on a quick demo app for connecting to the Amazon.com Web Services through ASP.NET.

Both tasks are deceptively simple, but have the capacity for trouble if not given enough attention.

For example, I discovered the hard way that when you edit code with only half your attention, you're liable to leave infinite loops in your code that end up creating havoc (in this instance accidentally creating a 100+ MB XML file by calling DataSet.WriteXML WAYYYYY too many times).

So I'm going to keep this initial entry short, and go debug my code.

Welcome to my blog. You can expect to see musings on ASP.NET, information on upcoming events I have planned and new books coming out, as well as perhaps the occasional comment on current events. I hope you find some or all of it useful, or at the very least, interesting.

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