How to change the grid icons dynamically

Here is an unsupported but a harmless customisation you can do to Dynamics CRM in-order for you to change the grid icons dynamically. In the example above I wanted to show whether an account has been locked or not (keep an eye out for my next blog post on how you can set privacy settings on records/child records per user and per role)

The standard grids in Dynamics CRM has a css class defined called "ms-crm-List-Data", if you have a look at the /_grid/AppGrid.css.aspx you'll see that, that class has a behaviour defined, this is what we'll use to swap out the icon.

For example
table-layout: fixed;
width: 100%;
behavior: url(/_static/_grid/ url(/isv/magnetism/project/;

Highlighted in bold is our custom behaviour script, which looks something like this:

<public:component lightweight="true">
public:attach event="ondocumentready" onevent="initSwapIcon()"/>

script language="JavaScript"></script>
script type="text/javascript">
function initSwapIcon() {
    // only apply it to known entities + xyz crm
    if (typeof (this.oname) != "undefined" && window.location.href.toLowerCase().indexOf("xyz") > 0) {
if (this.oname != "1") { return; } // 1=account
for (var i = 0; i < this.rows.length; i++) {
if (typeof (this.rows[i].oid) != "undefined") {
this.rows[i].cells[1].innerHTML = "<img src=\"" + "/isv/magnetism/project/swap-icon.ashx?id=" + this.rows[i].oid + "&type=" + this.oname + "\" />";

Inside each row in the second column is where we can get access to the icon, so all we have to do now is replace out the path to the image with our own custom handler which will run it's logic based on the parameters we pass, eg: record id (this.rows[i].oid) and the entity type, so that we can use this across multiple entities.

This is an unsupported customization, a rollup can update the AppGrid.css.aspx file anytime, if it does you'll lose the custom icons, simply include the custom behaviour reference and you'll be back in business.



  • very good

  • Does this work for 2011 as well?

  • Nope, you'll need to dig through the crm 2011 grid htc/aspx files, but the technique is the same

  • Very good article. I am trying to implement the exact same thing but I am running into one issue. The first time I made the changes to appgrid.css.aspx and, the code worked. Now, I have made some changes to and somehow these changes are not taking effect. I tried everything - logged the user out, closed IE and logged back in. But it is always taking the old code and not the new code in the htc file. How can I apply the new changes?

  • We have this working in CRM 2011, but have one issue. It works in the web client, but we can get it to work in the Outlook Client.

    We tried to copy the files locally on the PC to the locations below, but that did not work either. Ideas?

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Client\res\web\_grid\AppGrid.css.aspx

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Client\res\web\ISV\GridViews

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