In reply to my 'is this a .net weblog' post

I received quite a few personal "I agree" replies, thanks.  I want to address those that chose to flame away. 

My point was not to flame.  My point was not to criticize or judge.  My point was, do personal, non .NET related blogs belong here?  Should this blog contain content about someone's personal life, achievements, things they do through out the day, toys they just purchased, etc. I view this as a professional blog site and therefore I subscribe to the feed.  

This is what I heard when I originally started posting here.  True, I too posted some personal blogs, however, I have since concluded this is not the space to do this in and I have not done this for a while and will not be doing this in the future.  I am not forcing my conclusion on others, only expressing my opinion on what I see on this blog. 

For the most part the content is outstanding and this is a valuable resource.  I am simply suggesting we think about our blog prior to posting it and ask ourselves "Is this truly about .NET?' prior to posting.  If it is not, than IMHO the post belongs somewhere else.

Part of my frustration stems from the fact that I cannot read this every day.  In fact,  on a good week I can get to them 2x.  So, when there are 250+ in my folder and I have to make a quick decision on which ones to read, it would be helpful to know all of them apply to .NET.




  • I agree 100% percent. However I also understand that many of the contributors see their blog as a stage which allows them to be heard, and to build their reputation. In that context it is more important to be a frequent poster than to have quality content, not to mention that it requires much more effort to post code than to post fluff. While I would like to see more high quality and on-topic posts, I think that there is no way to effectively enforce this.

  • I've found that if you want high quality, on topic stuff, hang out on the developmentor mailing lists. Almost 100% quality stuff.

  • Jerry, agreed and I do 'hang out' there. I thought this forum was going to be more like DM's ListServs. Perhaps my 'before you post, ask yourself is this is truly .NET related' will help. As stated, I was guilty of doing this in the past but came to me senses and realized this is not the space to post my personal thoughts.

  • I can tell you from spending thousands of hours on lists that unless the content is moderated, it will always move into the realm of "mixed" content (i.e. some what you intend and some not). The nice thing about lists (when done properly) and with these blogs is that you can pick out the ones that you like (low signal to noise ratio) and *only* subscribe to those.

    In other words, the next two times you read this main feed pick out the posts that are most applicable to what *you* want for regular content. Spend a minute or two and go to the individual blogs where those posts live and glance over the last few points to guage the signal to noise ratio. The idea is that you can slowly pick out the "useful" blogs and subscribe to those individually to reduce the noise you find in the main feed.

  • Alex, great idea. I subscribe to the main feed thinking I would see them all and not miss some good ones, but, there is a lot of noise there. Great feedback.

  • The excellent answer

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