Big Data for the Enterprise: When to Use What?

I haven’t been able to blog so much in the last couple of months. June, July were incredibly busy with conferences and promoting the general availability release of our KidoZen enterprise mobile platform . I’ve been also blogging more actively on my entrepreneurial blog

Now that things have settled down a bit, I am expecting to keep contributing more regularly on this blog.

For starters, we will be hosting our periodic Tellago Technology Update Webinar. This time we will take a in depth look at the big data technology ecosystem on different areas such as infrastructure, predictive analytics, search, data visualization among other important building blocks of big data solutions in the enterprise. On each area we will explore the main technologies and highlight their strengths and weaknesses from an enterprise perspective.

After this hour you should get a pretty good understanding to the big data enterprise software ecosystem including the top vendors on each area. You are register for the webinar at:



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