Speaking About Enterprise Mobility Tomorrow at IASA South FL Meetup

My speaking schedule has gotten a bit crazy this last few months and I haven’t had any time to schedule any local presentations. Thanks to my good friend Dave Noderer, tomorrow I will be doing a session about enterprise mobility at the South Florida IASA chapter. I am planning to spend quite a bit of time talking about modern best practices, patterns and techniques we have learned in the implementation of mobile solutions in the enterprise and highlight some of the challenges as well. Specifically, I am planning on spending quite a bit of time in two fundamental areas:

·         How to mobilize your line of business data?

·         How to enable backend capabilities to your enterprise mobile applications?

If you are in the South FL area and are interested on mobile development feel free to swing by and say hi. I promise to keep it fun. You can register for the event at http://www.fladotnet.com/Reg.aspx?EventID=626

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