.NET Blogging in the UK

It's six months since I started to compile a list of .NET developers in the UK who blog. As a microcosm of the overall expansion of blogging, it's been an interesting experiment. The original list had just 17 names on it. As of today, I've recorded a total of 59 blogs on Microsoft development topics from UK-based authors - over treble the original number. We've also created a page on the Microsoft UK site with this information on to attract new visitors to your blogs. Some of these are new blogs, others are just recent discoveries. Still, this is a tiny number compared to the estimated 300,000 developers based in the UK.

So let's try and encourage a few more people to come on board! If you're blogging, what benefits have you seen in terms of career advancement or industry status? Have you had any job offers? What are the top tips you'd offer to someone who was thinking of starting a development blog?

[Via Tim Sneath, Developer Engineer, .NET and Yukon, Microsoft]

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