Announcing public source code repository with my blog samples

My blog is about three years old and I must they that it has been very interesting and exciting time with you, guys! Now it is time to add something new to make it easier for you to use this blog and the knowledge you can find here. This posting is specially dedicated to all my frequent readers and if you are one of them then your feedback to me is extremely important to me. Now, let’s go to topic – better availability of sample code is coming soon!

Some backgrounds

During years I have published here many code samples. You can find here a lot of code samples that are fragments of something bigger but that give you an idea about how things work and how I solved one or another problem. It is fine for seasoned professionals who have enough free time to mess with different coding stuff and educate themselves.

But we have here also novice programmers who are eager to learn but who have not so much experience on coding as have dinosaurs like me. For these guys those examples may be too lifeless and far away from problems they solve at work. I have also admit that high level professionals need sometimes examples that are packaged better and ready to run.

I don’t plan to make this blog beginners playground – far from that. I stated those problems because I see real need for better organized code and ready to run samples. It doesn’t affect technical level of this blog anyhow. Don’t worry about that. I still work hard to keep the technical level in the range from 300 to 500 (okay, joke, sky is the limit :P). But I feel like we need some new quality.

Public source code repository is here!

To keep my experimental and sample code better organized and to make new code available immediately I created new GitHub repository where you can find all my experiments and samples. I still have a lot of work to do to get all more popular samples packaged as solutions and to document them to level you can use them by yourselves. I don’t tell you about my plan, I am telling what is happening right now. :)

My experiments @ GitHub

Currently I have 8 projects listed in my repository. During next weeks the number of projects should raise to 30 and for the end of this year the number should be about 50 or 60. All these sample solutions should be easy to use and download’n’go for the end of this year. I also opened wiki for experimental and sample solutions to provide notes and guides that help you with additional information.

As you have seen form my last postings I have published two links with postings:

  • download link for source and binaries package,
  • URL to experiments repository at GitHub.

Right now I publish releases as part of my blog postings but I hope I can find some better solution.

Experiments will be public right from start

GitHub is great social environment and Git is something that saves my time a lot when packaging new releases. I love this system and I think it is good plan to keep my experiments there. From now on I will publish all my new experimental and sample projects to my experiments repository as soon as there is something to commit. I make these public commits from now on in very early stages of experiments and this way I can be sure that you can also take the code and play with it.

Want to be notified when repository changes?

GitHub provides very good way how people can stay in touch with each other and monitor activities. GitHub users can follow other developers and add watches to repositories. The ones who are not GitHub users can subscribe to my GitHub RSS feed. RSS feed is updated quickly as soon as something changes in repository or in wiki.


As I am still working on all the code and organization details to get everything done the best way I can imagine I still need your feedback in this early stage.

  • What do you thing about ideas introduced so far?
  • Do you have suggestions for me?
  • Do you have any ideas about how I should organize source code and releases availability?
  • What you expect from sample solutions?
  • Do you have any other feedback?

Please let me know guys – together we can make the tech world better!

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