Bookmarks2LiveWriter: Live Writer plug-in for serious bloggers

Bookmarks2LiveWriter is Windows Live Writer plug-in that is targeted to serious bloggers who also publish bookmarks postings. Bookmarks2LiveWriter lets you download bookmarks for given date range from Delicious and inserts them to current posting. Users can remove unwanted bookmarks and format bookmarks list before inserting it. Bookmarks2LiveWriter is released under GPL. Installer and source code are freely available to everybody.

For live example check out my previous blog entry Links 2009-08-19.



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Current release, versioned as v0.2.0.0 beta, has following features:

  • Download bookmarks from Delicious.
  • Filter bookmarks by date range.
  • Before publishing remove bookmarks you don't want to show in bookmarks list.
  • Group bookmarks by first tag or publishing date.
  • Create new group for tags and dates which have a single bookmark and give a custom title to this group.
  • Show bookmark descriptions in list.
  • Show bookmarks as unformatted linked list.
  • Show bookmarks as bulleted list.
  • Show bookmarks as numbered list.
  • Capitalize first letter of bookmark title.
  • Create uppercase titles for bookmark titles shorter than four characters.
  • Show tag name or date after groups with single bookmark.

I have already planned some powerful features for future releases. Current version is out there to let users start using Bookmarks2LiveWriter and to get some feedback from community. Next release will have nice bookmarks organizer, data caching (yes, you can work offline too) and some other nice things.

Bookmarks2LiveWriter links

  1. Bookmarks2LiveWriter homepage
  2. Feature list
  3. Screenshots
  4. Development log (information about current, past and future releases)

If you find bugs then please report them to issue tracker. If you want to give some other feedback, ask questions, share your ideas or request features then please use our discussion board. All your feedback is very welcome and I try to help you as much as I can.

Happy bookmarking!

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