Just released: WHS YouTube Downloader beta

I just released to Codeplex the first beta of my Windows Home Server 2011 web add-in called WHS YouTube Downloader. Log in to WHS web interface, add YouTube videos to download queue, do something useful while home server downloads videos and watch them later when downloads are done. Sounds easy? Well, okay, it is easy!


Currently there are implemented following features:

  • web add-in has form integrated to WHS web interface (yes, it’s done using official tools, no hacks),
  • there is home page gadget that shows contents of download queue,
  • users can choose shared media library where videos are saved,
  • users can select video format before file download,
  • download progress is shown on downloader page,
  • file downloads are parallel.

WHS YouTube Downloader
Click on image to see it at original size.

Some limitations:

  • only shared media libraries of Windows Home Server are supported as download folders,
  • currently all communication between web interface and downloader service host uses port 8732, so make sure this port is not used by any other program or service,
  • files can be saved in formats that YouTube offers – there is no transcoder that converts between file formats.

I plan to release first stable version during next two weeks. Meanwhile I appreciate all testing feedback and feature requests. And, of course, I will update product documentation to better support home users who are not IT gurus. :)

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