Show your Twitter log in SharePoint

About year ago I wrote how to display blog feeds in SharePoint sites using XML Web Part. Today is Twitter very popular and we can use XML Web Part to render Twitter feeds. To see how to configure XML Web Part check out blog feeds entry referred above. This time you have to insert user Twitter feed as XML link, by example Click XSL Editor button and insert the following XSL to dialog window.


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  • Good idea, tnx! Looks great!

    Problem is I get the following error message: Cannot retrieve the URL specified in the XML Link property. For more assistance, contact your site administrator.

    I think it is because of the security settings in twitter rss (no anonymous access). How did you get it working.

  • You have to use user time line URL:

  • Good Info, it helped me.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Is there any way to limit the feeds that show up to like the last 5?

  • Hi Ken!

    It is possible to use variables and counting in xsl. It shouldn't be hard thing to do.

  • Hi Douglas!

    XML web part, as far as I know, is able to show data from unprotected sources. Of course, you may try URL-s in form http://username:password@myurl/ but it is not sure if all IE users will see these messages due to security settings.

    I think you need some server-side solution.

  • Hi

    thanks for this. I have changed the s to little Twitter Balloons, moved the date below and removed milliseconds so it looks nicer. Oh and used a Twitter Bird at the Title icon!

    One thing I can't work out is limiting the number of tweets as it ignores the Feed Limit.

    Can anyone help?


  • I have attempted to use the above xslt code with a twitter feed. However, I end up with the xml web part displaying the error "Failed to apply XSLT to the content."

  • I have been successful in following your example and adding your twitter feed into the SharePoint site I have to administer. This helps a lot for an upcoming project/requirement. With that said, I really need to limit the number of feeds into the web part. I am not a programmer (at best a script kiddie). Could you please show an example of the code of variables and counting you mention in one of the post above. Very much appreciated. Regardless, thanks for your example.

  • It was awesome info.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Any idea, how can i show blogger feeds in sharepoint???

  • Just take your blogger RSS and try out what happens. If you are not happy with results then modify XSL to fit your needs.

  • LS:
    What does your code looks like after your changes?

    LS and Chris: Any luck in limiting the nmber of feeds?

  • Really appreciate your example! This will me my first go of an XML web part in Sharepoint

    Being a complete programming newbie, would it be easy to rewrite your code having the time stamp put below the post like Twitters "x hours ago"?

  • Limiting the number of items in feed and calculating time ranges can be done using XSLT. The last one is not very nice thing to so for more demanding sites I suggest you to use some specific web part that has those options available.

  • Any idea how I can change that to show only the last 5 rss items? I've tried using the RSS FEED limit in the web part in SP but that didnt do anything so I wondered whether it could be done in the XLT

  • Great post Digimortal.
    For those finding this blog and wanting to restrict the number of records just add a couple of extra lines to the item template.

    In the section starting xsl:template match="item" find the ... and add the following lines before and after the



  • Hi all ,

    If u want to put Twitter Icon With With Twitter Feeds(Twitter TWEET) of User then follow code:
    put Image Src @ above "getdate Template"
    And One thing Remind

    u r image must have .ico extension and store it on sharepoint site in image folderor may be other folder

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