SPGenerateFileDefinitions – create XML-definitions for files fast

I wrote simple utility that generates File and ElementFile blocks for images that are included in site definition. I am programming nicely designed community portal on SharePoint and there are so much files that it is easier to automate XML definitions creation process, at least partly. I am also pretty sure that image files may come and go during project and we have to modify or recreate those definitions. So here is my simple utility that makes dirty work for me.

spgeneratefiledefinitionsI named my little utility as SPGenerateFileDefinitions and it is available in CodePlex.

Screenshot here shows what my utility outputs. You can click on image to enlarge it. Currently it is built around images but if somebody needs I can modify it. No problem.

Using SPGenerateFileDefinitions is easy. Just download executable from project page, run it, show the folder where you files exist and press button Create XML. When File and ElementFile blocks are done utility tells you how much files there were. You can use this information to compare file counts – it may be useful. For us it is useful. :)

If you have any questions or suggestions then please feel free to drop me a line in project discussion site. If you find any bugs or face any problems then please report these to issue tracker.

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