Visual Studio 2010: Brief view at debug history

Visual Studio 2010 introduces also some new debugging features. One of them is debug history. Debug history enables you to track all the points on track of control flow and it also monitors activities that you cannot see otherwise. It makes debugging of hard to find problems much easier, I think. Of course, there are many other new and cool debugging features available.


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  • VS2010 should be awesome. There seem to be a lot of improvements and additions, not the least being F#, lol. Thanks for the info!

  • F# is very good addition. Take a look at this posting about generating Fibonacci numbers ( Using F# there is not such performance hit in first case because it is language you can very easily use for mathematics.

  • Visual studio 2010 brief view at debug history.. Bully :)

  • How can I make info path open visual stiudo express instead of visual stiudo? I have the default visual stiudo that was installed with Windows 2008 Server and when I open I only have Visual Basic. I want to use C# in´╗┐ Visual Studio Express. But when I choose to edit code in the button properties it only opens Visual Studio and not the express version.How can I fix this.

  • I've never used VS Express so cannot´╗┐ coemmnt on it. But when you open VS Express, irrespective of whether you want to use C# or VB, do you see a project template to create an InfoPath form template? If you don't see a InfoPath project template, then you either need to install something extra or programming in VS Express is not supported. Only MS can answer this question.

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