Silverlight FireStarter sessions are online

[From Gill Cleeren – RD Belgium]

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft held an event called Silverlight FireStarter in Redmond.  Basically,  it was a full day overview of the Silverlight platform.  What’s nice is that the sessions are now available on the Web for free.

More info here

Event Kick Off
Mithun Dhar
View Now >>

Scott Guthrie
View Now >>

Key Silverlight Scenarios
Tim Heuer
View Now >>

Expression 3 Overview
(Includes Behaviors)
Adam Kinney
View Now >>

Sketch Flow
Janete Perez
View Now >>

Toolkit & Controls
Justin Angel/
Shawn Oster
View Now >>

RIA Services
Brad Abrams
View Now >>

Building Silverlight UIs with XAML Power toys
Karl Shifflett
View Now >>

Q&A Panel
All Speakers
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