XAML Clipart and Icons

Last week, I was doing a proof of concept Windows Forms screen and I wanted a little bit more punch so I went looking for some free icons.  I found a great site called OpenClipArt.org that has a good set of good looking icons available in bitmap (PNG) and vector (SVG) formats.

20-09-2010 7-36-59 AM

What’s cool about SVG is that you can edit the icons.  I needed an icon that would have a checkmark over a document, found none but found a document and a checkmark.  I simply merged them as SVG and exported it in PNG using Inkscape, a free SVG editor.

20-09-2010 7-35-27 AM

To convert the PNG file to the correct 32x32 format, I used the free Sibcode’s Junior Icon Editor.


Sure but this post title is XAML Clipart and Icons, not SVG/PNG Clipart and Icons.  Well Markus Egger’s Xamalot just went online.  Basically, they converted the SVG files from OpenClipArt.org to XAML.  Perfect for your Silverlight or WPF projects.  Sweet!

20-09-2010 7-44-18 AM

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