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Emit Knowledge, as the words refer - it's a social network for emitting / sharing knowledge from users by users. Those who can benefit the most out of this network is perhaps all of YOU who have something to share with others and contribute to the knowledge world.

I've been closely communicating with the core team of this very, very interesting, brand new social network (with specific purpose!) about the concept, idea and the vision they have for their product and I can say with a lot of confidence that this network has real potential to become something from which we will all benefit. I won't speak much about that and would prefer to give you link and try it yourself - http://www.emitknowledge.com

Mainly, through the past few months I've been testing this network and it is getting improved all the time. The user experience is great, you can easily find out what you need and it follows some known patterns that are common for all social networks. They have some real good ideas and plans that are already under development for the next updates of their product.

You can do micro blogging or you can do regular normal blogging… it’s up to you, and the way it works, it is seamless.

Here is a short QA interview I made with the lead of the team, Marijan Nikolovski:

1. Can you please explain us briefly, what is Emit Knowledge?
Emit Knowledge is a brand new knowledge based social network, delivering quality content from users to users.

We believe that people’s knowledge, experience and professional thoughts compose quality content, worth sharing among millions around the world. Therefore, we created the platform that matches people’s need to share and gain knowledge in the most suitable and comfortable way.

Easy to work with, Emit Knowledge lets you to smoothly craft and emit knowledge around the globe.

2. How 'old' is Emit Knowledge?
In hamster’s years we are almost five years old start-up :). Just kidding.
We’ve released our public beta about three months ago. Our official release date is 27 of June 2012.

3. How did you come up with this idea?
Everything started from a simple idea to solve a complex problem.
We’ve seen that the social web has become polluted with data and is on the right track to lose its base principles – socialization and common cause.

That was our start point.
We’ve gathered the team, drew some sketches and started to mind map the idea. After several idea refactoring’s Emit Knowledge was born.

4. Is there any competition out there in the market?
Currently we don't have any competitors that share the same cause.

What makes our platform different is the ideology that our product promotes and the functionalities that our platform offers for easy socialization based on interests and knowledge sharing.

5. What are the main technologies used to build Emit Knowledge?
Emit Knowledge was built on a heterogeneous pallet of technologies.

Currently, we have four of separation:

  • UI – Built on ASP.NET MVC3 and Knockout.js;
  • Messaging infrastructure – Build on top of RabbitMQ;
  • Background services – Our in-house solution for job distribution, orchestration and processing;
  • Data storage – Build on top of MongoDB;

6. What are the main reasons for choosing ASP.NET MVC?
Since all of our team members are .NET engineers, the decision was very natural. ASP.NET MVC is the only Microsoft web stack that sticks to the HTTP behavioral standards. It is easy to work with, have a tiny learning curve and everyone who is familiar with the HTTP will understand its architecture and convention without any difficulties.

7. Did you use some of the latest Microsoft technologies? If yes, which ones?
Yes, we like to rock the cutting edge tech house. Currently we are using Microsoft’s latest technologies like ASP.NET MVC, Web API (work in progress) and the best for the last; we are utilizing Windows Azure IaaS to the bone.

8. Can you please tell us shortly, what would be the benefit of regular bloggers in other blogging platforms to join Emit Knowledge?

Well, unless you are some of the smoking ace gurus whose blogs are followed by a large number of users, our platform offers knowledge based segregated community equipped with tools that will enable both current and future users to expand their relations and to self-promote in the community based on their activity and knowledge sharing.

10. I see you are working very intensively and there is already integration with some third-party services to make the process of sharing and emitting knowledge easier, which services did you integrate until now and what do you plan do to next?
We have “reemit” functionality for internal sharing and we also support external services like:

  • Twitter;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Facebook;

For the regular bloggers we have an extra cream, Windows Live Writer support for easy blog posts emitting.

11. What should we expect next?
Currently, we are working on a new fancy community feature. This means that we are going to support user groups to be formed. So for all existing communities and user groups out there, wait us a little bit, we are coming for rescue :).

One of the top next features they are developing is the Community Feature. It means, if you have your own User Group, Community Group or any other Group on which you and your users are mostly blogging or sharing (emitting) knowledge in various ways, Emit Knowledge as a platform will help you have everything you need to promote your group, make new followers and host all the necessary stuff that you have had need of.

I would invite you to try the network and start sharing knowledge in a way that will help you gather new followers and spread your knowledge faster, easier and in a more efficient way!

Check my Emit Knowledge Stream http://www.emitknowledge.com/@hajan

Let’s Emit Knowledge!

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