Macedonian Code Camp 2011

Autumn was filled with lot of conferences, events, speaking engagements and many interesting happenings in Skopje, Macedonia.

First at October 20, I was speaking at Microsoft Vizija 9 on topic ASP.NET MVC3 and Razor.

One week ago, November 15 I was speaking for first time on topic not related to web development (but still deployment of web apps was part of the demos) on topic “Cloud Computing – Windows Azure” at Microsoft BizSpark Bootcamp.

The next event, which is the biggest event by the number of visitors and number of tracks is the Code Camp 2011 event.

Code Camp 2011 Official Logo

After we opened the registrations for the event, we sold out (free) 600 tickets in the first 15 hours! We all got astonished by the extremely big number of responses we’ve got… In this event, I can freely say that we expect about 700 attendees to come, and we already have 900+ registered. The event will be held at Saturday, 26 November 2011.

At Code Camp 2011, I will speak on topic ASP.NET MVC Best Practices.

There are many interesting things to say on this presentation, I will mainly focus on Tips, Tricks, Guidelines and other Practices that I have been using in real-life projects developed by using ASP.NET MVC Framework, with special focus on ASP.NET MVC3 and the next release, ASP.NET MVC4 Developer Preview.

There are big number of known local and regional speakers, including 7 MVPs.

You can find more info about this event at the official event website:

As for my session, if you have some interesting trick or good practice you have been using in your ASP.NET MVC projects, you can freely share it with me… If I find it interesting and if it’s not part of the current practices I have included for the presentation (I can’t tell you which ones for now… *secret* ;))… I will consider including it in the presentation.

Stay tuned for more info soon…


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