WS-BAT or Project Batman

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Now working on the next “Baseline Architecture” wave of projects that will start launching on the next months, the WS-BAT or the codenamed “Batman” project is one of the commented projects. Let’s review some of these “acronyms”: WS-BAT: (As defined by Jason Hogg)  Web Services Baseline Architecture Toolkit. Baseline Architecture: (As defined by Wojtek Kozaczynski)Baseline architecture is a collection of patterns, software elements and service, and practices that embody the architect's key design decisions.To baseline (a verb) application architecture is to decide on the structural and behavioral foundation of the application and provide clear guidance for how to develop the application on that foundation. And the project’s codename “BATMAN”: (As defined by Jason Hogg)Baseline Architecture Toolkit for Managing Architectural Nuances of Web Services.  In summary, the BAT will provide these assets along with the current (Tools/Technologies) -        A suggested VS solution structure for implementing a service application  (based on Contract First Development – see WSCF)-        A set of guidance on how to develop a service with the above structure. (Expect to see different WS endpoints sample implementations like, asmx, Indigo, etc.)-        A set of guidance tools (see GAT) for helping developers to build the suggested solution. As an added benefit, this solution will be aligned with the Web Services Security Patterns as well as the guidance automation tools for implementing these security patterns (I love this part J).The first glimpse of this project will be at the PDC in the Patterns & Practices Agenda sessions. Expect to read more on this project on some the team member’s blogs.

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