SharePoint Great Platform for .NET Developers

I've heard some developers arguing that SharePoint is a threat to their job security because it allows end-users to do things that previously only they had the "power" to do. Look at how easy it is to provision new sites from a top-level site. WSS handles all of the underlying IIS interaction for you. And when you look at what users can do with the BDC (Business Data Catalog), I can understand why many developers shudder.

Being working as SharePoint Architect as well as .net Architect I never felt so on the contrary I always felt that SharePoint is great tool for developers. New Development opportunities opened by SharePoint is mostly not viewed by most of the Developers. I would say that .net is Development framework and SharePoint is great Platform to Build Enterprise Applications for .net Developer's. SharePoint has various flavors of its own and one need to find which flavor suits him it has some opportunities for Designers to work with SharePoint Designers and have great capabilities for Seasoned .net Developers with .net 2.0 & .net 3.0 SharePoint very well uses windows workflow foundation and supports hosting of complex web forms created using info path. It has its own SDK for Hardcore Developers to really work on SharePoint and add value to enterprise.

My message to developers who feel threatened by MOSS is…use it to your advantage. Let it handle the tedious pieces of your application (managing search Crawling, Creating List's & Managing Events and many other things which are nothing but huge time consuming Development efforts). Get more focused on delivering capabilities that will help drive business, and leverage MOSS's infrastructure as an entry-point into your targeted clientele.

In my future post I shall post couple of more posts on SharePoint & .net Development I would rather say Office 2007 Suite and development and then will talk about .net 3.5 and various features of .net 3.5

I have recently started Blogging so I may be doing some big mistakes so if you guys can suggest me then it will be great for me to improve my future posts...............


  • How come you tell SharePoint a Developer Friendly tool as We all know that we may loose our job due to this tool.

    Please Explain.... or I would say that you being SharePoint Architect trying to justify a tool which can proove killer for people like me.....

  • Rajesh,
    I would advice you to go to MSDN and check for SharePoint Development. you can download the SDK from there.

  • Dear friends,

    If you have any doubts on Sharepoint's capability as development platform Please let me know I shall try to help any one who wishes for the same.

    Hiran Salvi

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