ADO.NET Entity Framework (Links, Videos And Downloads)

ADO.NET Entity Framework is a new technique introduced by ADO.NET team that will be helps developers to eliminate the impedance mismatch between data models and between languages, EF announced as a part of Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta & .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta.

ADO.NET EF is not just working as a tool for O/R Mapping it's extends the reach of ADO.NET, providing a new data model that will be the foundation for a range of data services moving forward, and enhances the common ADO.NET provider model enabling a LINQ programming experience against third party databases.  The Entity Framework designer in Visual Studio works with third party databases as well and enables developers to visualize the data model being used by the application.


the following links have a lot about ADO.NET Entity Framework:

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