patterns and practices WCF Security Guidance Now Available

This is the first release of prescriptive guidance modules for WCF Security. 

How Tos
Our How Tos give you step by step instructions for performing key tasks:

Our videos step you visually through key guidance:

About WCF
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a service-oriented platform for building and consuming secure, reliable, and transacted services.  It unifies the programming models for ASMX, Enterprise services and .NET Remoting.  It supports multiple protocols including named pipes, TCP, HTTP, and MSMQ.  WCF promotes loose coupling, supports interoperability, and encapsulates the latest web service standards.  With WCF, you get flexibility in choosing protocol, message encoding formats, and hosting.   For more information, see the MSDN WCF Developer Center.

About the Project
WCF provides a lot of options and flexibility.  The goal of our patterns & practices WCF Security Guidance Project is to find the key combinations of security practices for WCF that work for customers and share them more broadly.  At a high-level, you can think of the project in terms of these main buckets:

  • Application Scenarios - These are whiteboard solutions for common end-to-end application scenarios.
  • How Tos - These are step-by-step instructions for performing key end-to-end tasks.
  • Building Codes - These are our sets of rules and practices.  This includes Guidelines, Checklists, and Practices at a Glance.
  • Reference - This includes Explained, Cheat Sheets, and Q&A guidance.

The plan is to incrementally share our guidance modules on CodePlex as we go, then build a guide, then port the guidance to MSDN once it's baked.


VIA : J.D. Meier's Blog

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