activate edit mode in .NET 2.0 Webbrowser Control

I am playing a little bit with the webbrowser control which is new in Winforms 2.0. Usally this is a wrapper around the mshtml control. It semes that microsoft have changed and dropped some funtctions like the ability to edit the html content. This is quite usefull in MSHTML cause you can implement your own HTML editor in a application.

This is done with the designmode property. But i didnt find it, and also object browser does not show it. Should work like

doc = WebBrowser1.Document
doc.DesignMode = "Off"

But the .NET way like

Dim doc As HtmlDocument = WebBrowser1.Document

does not give you the designmode property. I tryed to cast the htmldocument to mshtml.idocument2 but nothing.

Then i found the property activexinstance and now i got it

Dim axObj As New Object
axObj = WebBrowser1.ActiveXInstance
axObj.document.designmode =


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