free pop3 for Windows 2012 Server

Our team develops tools for Windows Server. Fifteen years ago we started with a pop3 queuing (popConnect) tool. We offer a free extender for the IIS SMTP Service to support pop3.

·         You want to provide emails from any source (e.g. IIS, SharePoint, …) for POP3 retrieval by any mail client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, …).

·         You used the Microsoft POP3 Service in Windows Server 2003 and miss the feature after migrating to Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2008.

·         You are looking for a free POP3 Server.

·         You don’t need or want all the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange and you want a small, performant solution to provide your emails.

Visendo SMTP Extender is a full POP3 server that runs as a Windows service, originally developed for Windows Server 2008, as a substitute for the missing POP3 service there. It monitors an e-mail drop folder, such as IIS "mailroot\drop", and provides the e-mails to clients for collection via the POP3 protocol.

About 5 years ago, Visendo Software, a department of ppedv AG, released the first version of Visendo SMTP Extender.

Since then, we continually developed and improved the software:

·         better RFC compliance

·         higher stability

·         easier to install, configure and use

·         mailbox overview with mail size and count

for more detailed information check the complete changelog and version history:

product website:

There are several guides, also from third parties, to help you installing and configuring your email environment.

How to configure IIS SMTP Server in combination with Visendo SMTP Extender:

How to configure Sharepoint in combination with Visendo SMTP Extender: * *

*this was with an older version of SMTP Extender. You can use the admin interface instead of editing the config file manually now.

You can download Visendo SMTP Extender here:

Community Edition (free):

Plus Edition (99 € / 30 day trial):

Differences: the Plus Edition supports unlimited client connections, parsing of multiple custom destination header fields and other advanced features.

Please let us know if you like SMTP Extender.

Get in touch by Email: support[at]

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