IIS 7 Apppool "integrated" fails with ASP.NET Substitution

My tests with ASP.NET 2.0 on IIS7 shows that there are some compatibility issues

Die HttpResponse.WriteSubstitution-Methode wird vom integrierten IIS-Pipelinemodus nicht unterst├╝tzt

i had to changed the Apppool settings to "klassisch" (classic?) to use the isapi extension like iis6.  This reduces the performance ~2%.

What i dont know is whats happens next, what are the main diffrences between this both modes?

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  • Hi Hannes,

    IIS7 on Vista Client doesn't currently supports ASP.NET substitution caching while running in integrated mode. If you change it to classic mode it does.

    IIS7 on Longhorn Server will support this, and once it does it will be backported to Vista client in SP1.

    Hope this helps,


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